The Avenues Bicycle Project Recycling bicycles across Hull and the  East Riding of  Yorkshire since 2010

This website was last updated on 19 January, 2019

Reg. Charity Number 1163510

In 2016 we tried a new way of sending bikes to West Africa. Instead of using a shipping line container and loading all the bikes in one hectic day, we bought our own container and loaded at a more leisurely rate throughout the year. We decided that we would donate the container, once it had been emptied of bicycles by the Village Bicycle Project in Sierra Leone, for conversion to a classroom, and to pay the cost of the conversion. The Freetown Society in Hull introduced us to a community group in Freetown, Conforti Community Aid, which in turn arranged for the container to be donated to The Love of God Primary School in the east of the city. Here are the results.

The bike project 2017 container into Freetown was donated to Friends of Diabetes Sierra Leone (FoDSL), once it had been emptied of all of its bikes by The Village Bicycle Project. The plan is to convert it into the Freetown Diabetes Clinic which will provide a base for two diabetes nurses to provide screening and treatment for the people for Freetown. FoDSL are currently raising funds to pay for the conversion, which is being designed by a group of architecture students from London Metropolitan University (pictured).   You can make a donation here.